- Hagazussa
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HAGAZUSSA is the dark legend of the young woman Albrun and her struggle to preserve her own sanity, and tries to explore the fine line between ancient magic, faith and madness at a time when pagan beliefs in witches and nature spirits spread fear and terror in the minds of the rural population.

Director : Lukas Feigelfeld

Stars : Aleksandra Cwen, Claudia Martini, Tanja Petrovsky, Haymon Maria Buttinger, Celina Peter, Gerdi Marlen Simon

Production Co : Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)

Duration : 102 min.

Release : 2017-09-21

Genre : Horror, Drama

Country : Austria, Germany


Eunice Wong

Great, since I signed up the video goes smoothly. audio 10 and video 10, Thanks Bro.

Esther Burton

Bhoooo .. I do not like it at all

Craig Knight

How do I watch it ?????

Domingo Morrison

Yeah! Apple TV rules!