- My Neighbor Totoro
My Neighbor Totoro
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My Neighbor Totoro

Two sisters move to the country with their father in order to be closer to their hospitalized mother, and discover the surrounding trees are inhabited by Totoros, magical spirits of the forest. When the youngest runs away from home, the older sister seeks help from the spirits to find her.

Director : Hayao Miyazaki

Stars : Noriko Hidaka, Hitoshi Takagi, Chika Sakamoto, Shigesato Itoi, Sumi Shimamoto, Tanie Kitabayashi

Production Co : Studio Ghibli, Nibariki, Tokuma Japan Communications Co. Ltd.

Duration : 86 min.

Release : 1988-04-16

Genre : Fantasy, Animation, Family

Country : Japan


Lynn Goodwin

How do I watch it ?????

Valerie Strickland

Bhoooo .. I do not like it at all

Eunice Wong

The characters are great, they're interesting, they're funny, they will make you laugh. Trust me, at a point this movie will hit you where you live.

Esther Burton

It is great for the first two thirds but then things get a little lengthy. But it has a great ending!